What We Offer

Greetings and welcome to The Money King website. It is a very good omen for you to drop in on a site like ours today because unlike in Vegas, what happens here goes around.
Here, we are not just talking money, we receive it over and over again. How is this possible you might want to know; quite simple, we manifest it. Life does not give anyone the chance to make money as fast as we all would want but in the spirit realm whatever we set our minds to can be achieved following the laws that enable manifestation of all things into the physical realm.
To cut to the chase, we are a team of very experienced spiritual gurus who can manifest any amount of money into the lives of people within the allowed duration. For monies under half a million dollars, manifestation takes about 30 days but for higher figures it often takes longer due to surrounding circumstances.  Presently, we offer people three times (3x) of whatever funds they pay to our bitcoin wallet address: 1BucV143PwjwfbT2VtPw2N1Boyrma9fonY in 30 days.


1. You do not need to own or operate a bitcoin wallet to be able to
send funds to us.

2. Convert whatever funds you want to send us to bitcoins by visiting the nearest bitcoin dealer to you. Tell them you want to send the dollar value of bitcoins your money can purchase to an (our wallet address) address and they will tell you their rate. If you both eventually agree, they will demand the address so you need to have it saved and ready in your email account.
Do not try to type out that address at any time to avoid making a mistake that will lead to an unfortunate event. Send them the address and when they send the funds and show you the status of the transaction on the screen of their computer or device, ensure that the money was sent to the right destination and after that, you may go away as the transaction cannot be reversed.

3. If one bitcoin dealer sells at a high rate, try another dealer and
the price will often be slightly lower.
Most of the money paid to our bitcoin address will manifest threefold in the life of the payer within or a little over 14 days.

4. We are not involved with dark powers and so our practices have no negative consequences to anyone and we give you our word on that.

5. We offer a money-back-guarantee if you fail to receive the money projected into your life after the expiry of the wait period. In that event, we pledge to refund your deposit in full. It is however worthy of note that up till now we have never had cause to refund anyone a dime because it is not a gamble but a tested and trusted process with a sure outcome.
You can decide to remain anonymous after you send us your money and we shall locate you and all we promise shall follow.
For those who may prefer to send us personal information after making a deposit, please send your full names, amount sent in bitcoins and date it was sent through our contact us link or in an email to the email address below and we shall reply to acknowledge receipt. Do this if it will strengthen your faith because your faith affects your thoughts and confessions which matter a lot.
6. We urge you to invite a friends or two to join in the harvest after you have
witnessed what we can do because like they say, there is love in sharing.

7. You have to be open to opportunities after your payment has been confirmed because avenues through which the money you seek will manifest will begin to show up, sometimes concealed as something else in the beginning.

8. No matter the spiritual problem anyone has it will not stop them from receiving a physical manifestation of their expectations so no one needs worry.

9. We implore everyone who benefits from this exercise to give away 10% of whatever monies they get each time in order to keep receiving as this is a very sound spiritual principle. You can pay it into a church, mosque etc or into the hands of an individual or group because the money you will receive is perfectly clean money that is good everywhere.
Do not give this money to someone too close to you who will likely spend it on you because that is unacceptable as the idea is for you to do something or give help to other people who probably cannot or will not pay you back. This principle will keep trouble, lack, pain and a great many evils of this world away from your life and home. A word is enough for the wise.

10. We offer a free trial of our services where people wihout anything to deposit can also get a chance. Such a person will receive the sum of $100 (or the equivalent in their local currency) of which they must promise to remit 60% to us. If the person receives the $100 and for whatever reason does not give us our share, they will never be able to receive from us again even if they pay other monies later into our bitcoin wallet directly or through other people and the reason is because we are not here for dishonest people. For anyone interested in this no-deposit offer, send us a message and we shall reply you within 24 hours.
11. We do not manifest more that $100 once for those who have nothing to invest since the aim is to be prove that we can indeed perform what we claim. If we did, you can imagine the result.

12. Those who deposit into our wallet will not have to pay us a dime after they receive their manifested income. They are however urged to give away 10% as explained above. Aside that, they have no further obligations.

13. You can deposit again and again and get three times your deposits when due but it must be one deposit per person per month especially after you have received the result of your last deposit.
14. Keep your confessions about your business with us, your life and financial situation positive always. Your confessions are those utterances or words you speak to yourself (even in your head) and to others whether privately or in public. The subconscious mind works to generate for a person the result of what they have been programming their minds with through words they repeat over and over.

Note that your 30 days starts counting from the day after you make the payment.
No matter where you are located on the globe you are welcome to send us a deposit and receive what we are offering.
We will not always be here as all good things must come to an end sometime but for those who will trust us, we promise to make you rich in a little while if you take advantage of our offer early.
For those of you using a mobile device that cannot reach us through the contact us link, you can reach us anytime through the following email address:

Planning your future is like building a very complex structure. You need to plan. And you need money.